An Unconventional Investor & Advisor

Investor/Advisor Standing by my values

I believe in building generational wealth for women and people of color. The ability to change the world we live in is deeply tied to how we use our resources, and where we choose to take risk.
Investing my resources into this entrepreneurial ecosystem is one way I stand in alignment with my values. I didn’t grow up with a trust fund, or wealthy parents. My success, my scars, my own.
-Syama Meagher

Sample of Portfolio

Pre-Seed - Series A+ Investments
  • Doré
  • House Of Wise
  • Coast & Valley
  • Mighty Health
  • Haus
  • Garden Society
  • 8 Sleep
  • Flexbase
  • Hemster

Late Stage Investments
  • Rent The Runway
  • Cerebras
  • Domino Data
  • Automation Anywhere
  • Impossible Foods
  • Indigo
  • Ginkgo BioWorks
  • Instcart
  • Eat Just
  • Mapbox
  • Branch
  • Public
  • Beckley Psytech

Co-Founder Rendall Co.